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Success Story: Mid-Sized Business

We’re not a big outfit. Is it really worth the bother? It sure is.

Mid-Sized Business Success Story IllustrationAfter a few years of paying additional surcharges because of poor safety performance, a small construction company had worked hard to improve their status. In fact, they were now in a position to receive discounts on their premiums – a notable achievement. Still, they were looking for ways to reduce costs, so they inquired about our services.

They were understandably cautious because they didn’t want to jeopardize the good relationship they had built with WCB. We were able to reassure them that PRC sees the WCB as a partner rather than an adversary. While there are occasions where we agree to disagree, our business is always done with integrity and respect.  We cannot exist without cooperation from the WCB and we often note the importance of their work on behalf of employers.

In the first year of our involvement, PRC examined several claims, but didn’t garner any significant results. As promised, there was no charge for our services. But more importantly, the client’s relations with the WCB were unaffected.

In the second year, we conducted a similar review for this drywall company and presented our client with savings equivalent to one year’s worth of premiums.

Maybe you’re concerned that having a consultant review your claims isn’t worth the risk of antagonizing the WCB.  But we’re not here to start fights or make enemies. Our goal is to represent your interests in a complicated business, and to find real, fair savings. Give us a call to talk about how we can help you.

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