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Success Story: Large Business

Does PRC have anything to offer to a large company that already has an effective claims management program? You bet.

Large Business Success Story IllustrationPRC did some work for a large, inter-provincial trucking company that was initially skeptical about our ability to help. The company had an excellent claims management team that earned some WCB discounts, so they felt there was little else to be done.

It took some doing, but we were able to convince the client that our approach covers much more than claims management.  In fact, our deep understanding of WCB processes means that we know of multiple avenues for investigating savings opportunities. And we don’t interfere with the existing team’s work.

By reviewing claims up to four years old we were soon able to produce an adjustment of more than twenty thousand dollars, even though the claim in question had been officially closed. PRC investigated and was able to put together an appeal that proved the worker’s prolonged disability was the result of a pre-existing condition.

Encouraged by this unexpected result, the client gave us additional files to review. We quickly discovered the need for a thorough analysis of medical findings for a select number of claims. PRC has access to experts in several fields, so we brought in an orthopedic surgeon to help interpret important medical data. Armed with new facts, we were able to launch another successful appeal on a knee claim, and were awarded nearly sixty thousand dollars in additional savings.  Our client was elated, but our expertise in experience rating suggested the adjustment should have been almost one hundred thousand dollars. We made sure our client received the entire amount they were owed.

In total we were able to retrieve nearly one hundred and twenty thousand dollars that had already been paid out to the WCB with more work pending.  And it cost our client nothing up front.

Maybe you already have a great claims management team. Maybe you feel like you have the bases covered. This client did. But it cost them nothing to give us a try, and in the end they received thousands in refunds. We can’t guarantee that for every client, but the only way to find out if we can help is to give us a call.

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